Any plans for something like Groovy-style AST transformations?

I only had a quick look at Groovy's AST transformations and only have a superficial understanding of Groovy and its AST transformations. I have to admit to begin with that I know too little about it to tell whether this can be done in a statically typed language like Kotlin. But I saw that Groovy-style builders are already present in Kotlin to some extend. So maybe there is a way for AST transformations as well ... ;-).

The reason that I’m asking for this (I know sooner or later some geek would have done it) is that Groovy’s AST transformations have really impressed the … out of me. This is IMHO how to make a language scalable: rather than adding tons of features to a language (that only results in clutter if no one keeps an eye on keeping it coherent; let’s not mention any names of any specific programming languages here …) to achieve language scalability, these AST transformations manage to get exactly this done. I bet Java will never have this. And when I look at the JDK8 preview-release with which I can already now write code with closures and default methods (already now with IntelliJ’s EAP 12 release) I ask myself whether there has to be something in addition to keep the distance to Java.

Regards, Oliver

Yes, we are planning to support AST transformaions, and make them a public API at some point.

But some sort of support for the idea of AST transformations were on the schedule, no? See

Yes, something along these lines is planned

Any changes on that? Are this plans revised?

AST transformations are not on our medium-term roadmap at this time, but it’s possible that they will appear in a later version at some point.