Kotlin Documentation

I just stumbled about a project in the Groovy universe. They finally decided that their (cr...) online documentation really needed to be worked on. They seem to be rewriting content using AsciiDoc. I checked out the repository and from what I've seen, the resulting HTML looks pretty good. It should also stay up to date, because code sample are drawn from unit tests. Asciidoc supports other formats as well and the result could even look as nice as Apple's introductory book to Swift.

There’s a blog post that describes the steps that are required to contribute to the Groovy documentation: http://blog.cacoethes.co.uk/groovyandgrails/contributing-to-the-groovy-documentation. Those steps all are pretty simple and straight forward.

I was wondering if something along those lines would be a good idea for Kotlin as well? The documentation could either live in the main Kotlin repository or some separate docu repository on GitHub. Users could kontribute through forking and pull requests. A TeamCity build could automatically update kotlin.jetbrains.org with the latest documentation release. Personally, I’d rather feel comfortable working on documentation than fixing bugs in the compiler backend. Not that don’t like compilers, but some things just appear easier than others.

Just a thought…

Hi Dirk,

We’re doing something similar and hope to announce it very soon. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Here's some feedback from Reddit regarding the Scala comparison http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/2arlin/kotlin_statically_typed_programming_language/ciy3l14

Wow, the new documentation really is nice. Thanks to everyone involved!