Any plans to publish the Gradle plugins on Gradle plugin portal

Using the Jetbrains Kotlin plugins for Gradle is currently only possible with the old syntax, as they are not properly published with the Gradle Plugin Portal.

Besides the nicer syntax, a benefit is that one does not need to manage the actual classpath and the plugins are better isolated from each other. In addition, IDE’s could integrate with the portal for plugin name autocompletion and documentation, while in the legacy syntax they need to know which artifacts correspond to which plugins.

There is an open issue for the ‘kotlin’ plugin:
And community provided workaround:

That said, there is still no way to use the dokka or the new compiler extensions without dropping to manual classpath management.

Is there any plan from Jetbrains to change their build to publish to Gradle Plugin Portal, or shall I go ahead and copy the Zoltu/kotlin-gradle-plugin aproach for the plugins I need?

Yes, we do plan to publish the Gradle plugins to the plugin portal. We have this (mostly?) working for the Dokka plugin already, and we plan to publish the main Kotlin plugin as well, even though I don’t have a specific ETA.

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With 1.1.1 it is now on Gradle plugins