Behavior of run tool window changed with 1.4.20, can I get the old one back?

I use gradle and have IDEA set to build and run using gradle (default)
With update of kotlin to 1.4.20 the behavior of IDEA changed with regard to running my console kotlin applications.
I used to pick a file containing main method and run it with IDEA during development.

Before (kotlin plugin 1.4.10 and below):
Gradle builds an app with gradle output in the “Build” tool window (tab at the bottom).
When gradle finishes the build, the app is launched in the “Run” tool window (terminal)

Now (kotlin plugin 1.4.20):
In the “Run” tool window I see the gradle output, same as what was before in the “Build” window.
App launched as one of the gradle tasks with the app output going to the same “console” as gradle output.

So basically build and run now merged into build.
This new behavior is upsetting for a number of reasons. First and the least is all these unwelcome noise. I would like to see a clear console with an app as before. If I need to inspect the build process, I was happy to switch to build tool window. It also has less horizontal space for app output due to the screen estate occupied with GUI for gradle tasks etc.
And second, the most important, it misses valuable functionality of the “Run” tool window. There is no way to gracefully stop the app. In the “Run” window there was an “Exit” button. Now there is only “Stop” which forcefully kills the VM preventing shutdown hooks to run. And producing unsettling “FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.” and others from gradle.
There is also no “attach debugger” and for sure some other important functions of the “Run” window are missing.

I waited for a couple of days but did not see anybody else complaining. Am I the only one?
Is it possible to enable the previous behavior? Is it a regression? Can I raise an issue? Where?

Thanks a lot in advance. I can’t enjoy my work after this update and really hope for some help :slight_smile:

Best regards, Pavel.

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You will have to raise an issue on youtrack:

But I am still wondering, am I the only one disturbed by this huge behavior change?