Build.gradle.kts + kotlin-dsl + multi-platform + buildSrc


I am using IntelliJ.

I have a kotlin-dsl multiplatform project setup. (No build.gradle, on build.gradle.kts). The project has a foobar-common, foobar-jvm, foobar-js modules.

Now, I want to integrate buildSrc together with my build.gradle.kts

I am getting lots of errors. Instead of producing a “minimal failure case” – is there a working example of a repo that:

  1. uses kotlin-dsl for gradle
  2. is multi-platform
  3. uses buildSrc

I am looking for a “working example” to learn from.


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I’m looking for a decent example as well!

There is a project called Web Scene Core that covers all your numbered points, however keep in mind that this project is a Kotlin multi-platform library.