Can i do a forum Discussion at android studio using kotlin language

any suggestion. I had no idea how to do it

What have you tried? i got some reference from this github source. But i new to the kotlin and android. Its there any reference i can take a look before i start

Of you got €10,- you can buy a course with Kotlin and android.
(I don’t know this course or authors)

A very good source for learning android (without kotlin) is udacity. They have multiple nanodegree about android, composed with java…

In a nanodegree, you can pay, in which case you get very good support about the course but also about your career.
The nanodegree is made up of multiple parts. These parts are provided for free as well (without support). Just search for them on Google.

Starting nanodegree:

Consists of:

  1. Android Basics: User Interface
  2. Android Basics: User Input
  3. Android Basics: Multi-Screen Apps
  4. Android Basics: Networking

I found just out there is a free course to build kotlin apps from scratch by Google:


You’re welcome.
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