Kotlin For android app development

Hello all,
I am trying to learn android app development from scratch with kotlin.
I have learn basics like variable, functions, methods etc. from kotlin’s official site : https://kotlinlang.org
Can you guys help me to have some tutorials which talks about android development with kotlin?
Thanks in advance.

Hi jenny,
Kotlin is new language for android app development.
You can find many tutorials with Java on internet, but few for kotlin.
Here I have found a series of android tutorials in kotlin with examples
It is better to read tutorials with examples as they will guide you more effectively.

If you have some programming experience there are excellent free courses available at udacity. There is a Kotlin bootcamp for developers (Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers | Udacity Free Courses) to help you get going with Kotlin. There are also a good amount official android courses. They are free, but sometimes it’s a bit of a search (they want you to pay for the version that gets you a certificate and more human interaction).