Can i learn kotlin without Programming knowledge?

Hello Developers
I’m interested to learn Android programming language
but when I was reading and whatching About Kotlin I’m confused
how can I do it ?

Android is not a programming language, it is an operating system.
Try to start small. Preferably using tutorials in your native language.

Kotlin and Java (android classic native language) are programming language. You need programming knowledge to use.

You can try know directly program android, but is hard.

I think you must try android app inventor, a system to create Android App without programming. The apps are very limited, but is something.

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have any tutorials In our language about Kotlin
i think For now i should learn java
cuz it’s closer to kotlin language and There are many tutorials for my language.
learn java for learn kotlin
I hope not to be wrong

The tutorials are exists. But all like “So, you know Java…”
I think, learning Java first is the right way. I am not a beginner, and I want to learn Kotlin, but now I learn Java as the first step. Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I believe that it is a good idea to learn kotlin first, since in some senses it is simpler than Java and there are some things to unlearn at least if you use “old” Java (before java 8). But Kotlin is new so there is not much educational content for it.
Of course if one had bad English, it is a problem since there is almost no localized content for Kotlin. So if one asks what language to learn first, I say learn English.