Cannot get kotlin plugin to work

Hi, Though I had the kotllin plugin set up ok. Cannot get program to run. See attached screenshots. Any thoughts?

[kotlin2.tiff|attachment](upload://1hrYwR5Wn4msFvI8CP3bGGxQPdo.tiff) (75.1 KB)

[kotlin1.tiff|attachment](upload://obJzGhbHOt1ipmob06V4ipNOOQX.tiff) (101 KB)

How are you trying to run your program? Seems that you have wrong class provided in Run configuration. To quickly run your program, you need to either invoke "Run/Debug" actions in context menu of your source file or create new Run configuration of "Kotlin" type with main class "hello.namespace" (more common, "<package with main class>.namespace").

Thanks for that - I wasn't specifying the class correctly.