Capstone: Vet Clinic Native App with MySQL

We’re students and we’re in the middle of design stage to develop native android app (no web-based) with MySQL database.

Major Features:

  1. Inventory - can the app be able to update the inventory in real time?this is for the sale and restock transactions. Will there be an issue in speed? Can I generate reports for customer’s billing in real time?

  2. Medical Records

  3. Appointment

Any tips or comments. Thank you

Of course. Computers would be pretty useless if they couldn’t update data in real-time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Highly unlikely. Unless you’re going to be dealing with millions of data rows, you probably won’t have any issues with speed. If you are going to be dealing with millions of data rows, as long as you have appropriate indexes on your database, it should still be pretty quick.

Of course.

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thanks, man!
I’m learning Kotling and mySQL. what else should I study? APIs?

That’s hard to say without potentially doing your assignment for you. :stuck_out_tongue: Have you been given any guidance on what tools/libraries/etc. you’ll be using for your assignment?

Without any context… I would say you should learn Android development (obviously), but also learn Java build tools, like Maven or Gradle. Also maybe unit tests, like JUnit.