Kotlin ORM Examples with MySQL and Gradle


Hello guys.

I’m new with Kotlin and I’m still learning.

I tried start understanding how my pure application Kotlin could connect to a local MySQL, but I can’t understand…

Already programmed in other languages, such as PHP and there are many ORM’s that facilitate the way.

I tried use many ORM’s and it’s very confusing, I nothing what I tried worked

I’ve tried with Ebean and OrmLite, but I feel that no one has fully complete documentation.

In my project in Kotlin I use Gradle to configure the dependencies.

Does anyone have any examples of how Kotlin with Gradle would connect with a local MySQL with or without ORM’s?

I thank you all :slight_smile:


There are a couple of good examples on GitHub to get you started, for instance this one is up to date and uses Spring and Hibernate. It only lacks a buid tool. Are you already a bit cconfortable in the language itself, because that really helps.