Clion 2018 and Kotlin native plugin


I have downloaded and installed latest Clion 2018 and I don’t see Kotlin native support. Creating new project but there are no Kotlin native examples. In plugins there is also no plugin for this. What am I doing wrong? It’s on both Windows and Mac.


I had the requisite plugins installed before, so I can see a little more:


We’ll have to wait for updates to those plugins.


Seems to be working fine on my end. I am on the latest version of CLion (2018.1). I have not used native in a while so I had to update the Kotlin Native plugin and restart CLion but after that everything worked fine.
I only have 1 plugin though: Kotlin/Native for CLion, version 181.5281.33


Right. It seems like I had some outdated dev version installed:


That one won’t update. But the repo contains this:

And that seems to work like a charm! (Event though it downloads 800MB worth of compilers, oh my. o.o)

@skokys I don’t know how much experience you have with Jetbrains IDEs, so I thought I’d mention that you have to click “Browse repositories”; the search in the main plugin window only searchs locally.