Clipboard copy with formatting in Kotlin/JS

I am working on a Kotlin multiplatform project.
I want to support copy action with formatting.
There are a plenty of page in the web implementing it in javascript. All of them are almost same and do it like this:

const content = "SOMETHING!"
const clipboardItem = new
               'text/html':  new Blob([content],{type: 'text/html'}),
               'text/plain': new Blob([content],{type: 'text/plain'})

But I don’t know how should I implement it in Kotlin. Indeed, I could not construct an instance of ClipboardItem. How should I do it?

The following is my incomplete snippet written in Kotlin:

                ClipboardItem(  ..... ) // <--- What should be here?

Note that I’ve also asked the same question in SO.