Compiling Exposed



I just cloned Exposed, and trying to compile it.

I’m using Intellij IDEA 14.0.1.
Kotlin plugin version is 0.9.206.

Unfortunately i got this error:
Error:(180, 20) Kotlin: Expression ‘size’ of type ‘kotlin.Int’ cannot be invoked as a function. The function invoke() is not found

Why i got this error? Is it because i’m using old plugin?

Thank you


Yes, Exposed should be compiled using last "bootstrap" version of Kotlin (the same version as used for compiling Kotlin project itself). Currently it is 0.9.1182.   


Thank you. Yes, i can compile now.


My fork of Exposed ( is published under the kotlinx.* namespace:

Using a repo:

 maven {
        url ''

Note that the version name matches the Kotlin version we compiled against (and any subversion would add another '.') ... Or you can use that version to build yourself using Gradle.  Any libraries we use from Kotlin, we clean up for Gradle, add to our build server, and publish for others ... hopefully this gets taken over by the library authors.


I have not looked in detail, is this usable in sqlite android?

I want to create one for using this library in android only for sqlite.