Coroutines Keep

Some thoughts on the coroutines keep:

  1. it contains some very informative information that is hard to find elsewhere in (please correct me if I’m wrong)
  2. it hasn’t been updated since October 2018.

Related to #2: The kotlinx.coroutines libraries have improved a lot since then–to the point that some of the information in the keep could be rewritten to use the new syntax.

Related to #1 and #2: I’m concerned about the following use case:

  • A reader is looking to learn about some of the information that is in the keep and not easy to find elsewhere.
  • The reader notices that the information in the keep is out-of-date on some points.
  • The reader has some anxiety about whether the parts of the keep they are interested might also be out-of-date.

My questions and suggestions:

Can the technical information in the keep that is hard to find elsewhere on be included, perhaps as a “Technical Details” section under Or perhaps to another spot that is linked from there?

Do keeps get updated as the language evolves? (I’m just curious about this one.)

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