When will the kotlinx.coroutines library be final?

First of all, this is not a thinly-veiled “why isn’t it done yet?!?” post. Looking at the issue list for the kotlinx.coroutines library, there are a lot of upcoming changes (some breaking?) to current functionality, and a bunch of features to be added. This library won’t be final any time soon.

I’m just wondering if the team working on the library has an idea of when they’ll be done with v1.0. Around when Kotlin 1.3 is released? Later? Much later?

If we are lucky it will never be final and will continue to develop. But it will be stable in 1.3.

First paragraph from the 1.3 release notes:

Finally, coroutines will not be experimental anymore in 1.3. Both the syntax and the Standard Library APIs are stabilized and will remain backwards-compatible in the future.