Debugger not work in IDEA 2019.3.3

I don’t know if this is the best place to publish, but I have a problem with IDEA 2019.3.3. I can no longer debug my project.

I have a multiplatform project and I use a custom task in gradle to launch my application. In IDEA 2019.2. I have no problem, but since 2019.3, breackpoint no longer works. In fact, it doesn’t seem to connect the debugger when I run it from the IDE.

However, I can make it work by running the task gradle on the command line with the --jvm-debug option and remote debugging.

Any ideas?

extra infos:
My application target: Android, iOS, JVM, and JS
Do not work on Windows and Mac


register<JavaExec>("runLwjgl") {
        if (org.gradle.internal.os.OperatingSystem.current() == org.gradle.internal.os.OperatingSystem.MAC_OS)

        group = "myapp"
        main = "myapp.MainKt"
        val target = kotlin.targets["jvm"]
        val compilation = target.compilations["main"] as org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.plugin.mpp.KotlinJvmCompilation
        val classes = files(
        classpath = classes

It is definitely not the place for this. Please post IDEA bug reports on IDEA issue tracker: