How to debug the Kotlin native iOS with a break point?

Everythings just works, but how to debug via break point?

I use IDEA(Gradle) to build and Xcode to deploy.

Don’t know where to put the break point.

It was discussed some time ago. IDEA does not support native debugging for now, so you will have to do it in Clion.

Though I have tried it and it still is not very convenient. For example, Clion does not support gradle.

Thanks, saw that. But no iOS only template but a full stack one which has too much information there.

Could we just use CLion for debug and IDEA for building and Xcode for building UI?

In master branch, and in upcoming 0.5 release there are calculator sample.

Thanks, found it.
Glad that we can use swift in conjunction with kotlin.
And by using swift, we can debug the UI part easily!