Debugging Kotlin/JS in Chrome + IntelliJ


  1. Imagine we are using Kotlin/IntelliJ/JVM.
    I run my code. I get an exception in the Console. I click on the exception. IntelliJ jumps me to the file / line.

  2. In my current Kotlin/JS + Chrome + IntelliJ setup, the following happens:
    2a. I run my JS code.
    2b. An exception happens. The Chrome Console shows kotline file name + kotlikn line number.
    2c. I click on the exception. Chrome opens up Foo.kt to line N.

This is almost what I want – except I want Foo.kt:N opened in IntelliJ, not in Chrome.

Is there some plugin / setup to make this work?


PS: Yes, I have source maps installed.

Not sure if that’s what you are looking for
Disclaimer: I have not tested it myself, so I don’t really know the features :wink:

This Chrome <-> IntelliJ plugin looks nice. Thanks!