Debugging Kotlin/JS (Node, Browser) in IntelliJ

I’ve noticed the JetBrains IDE Chrome plugin is gone:

So, is it still possible to debug Kotlin/JS (Node or Browser target) in IntelliJ by setting breakpoints in the Kotlin code? I’ve looked in the documentation and in the similar topics, but they all refer to the, now pointing to 404, IDE Chrome plugin.

However, for Node I don’t need to Chrome plugin, so is it possible to debug this directly in Kotlin?

P.s. I’d really like to debug Kotlin/JS tests I made. Because there I make really small testcases. I won’t prefer to do this in a main App file.

Ah, it has been removed:

Hi! You are probably reading the old documentation, look at the new one here or here. Compiler generates standard sourcemaps file, so you can still use any JS debugger, in IDE or browser.

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Thanks. Your second link is dead though!

Is it also possible to debug unit tests in IntelliJ?

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