Do you Known a File in the lib jar

Hi,Everyone,look at the pictrue below

Would u Known the where are the two files come from and what work for? if there Any one Known that ,please tell us ,I would very appreciate you very much !
Thanks for reading my topic!

These files contain Kotlin metadata for the modules and are required to compile Kotlin modules that depend on this jar, as well as for Kotlin reflection.

Thank you for your reply!
I got that the two files is useful .
And I want to known is there any different between kotlin 1.0.0 And 1.1.0 about these two files?
I have a project with “Android DataBind” conflict with kotlin because of the two files shown upon in the picture.
We now only have one solution that delete the kotlin stdlib jar by ourself .
Then I don’t know is there any dangerous when I did that ?
If I want to Know more,need I to learn about how the kotlin works and how it build?
Thanks for your reading again.My English is quite poor.

Yes, the files are different between Kotlin 1.0.0 and 1.1.0, because the contents of the standard library is different. What exactly do you mean by conflict because of these two filess?

I am sorry for reply late, the picture display apon may show you the problem. Kotlin has a conflict with Android databinding version 2.1 And I use Kotlin 1.1, the two files is different with them in Databinding,Because of some reason,I can’t change the Databinding,then what I can do to avoid the dangerous of the conflict?

Sorry, I still don’t understand. What exactly is the problem that you’re experiencing? How is your build.gradle file set up? Do you see a compilation error when you build your project, and if you do, what exactly does it say?

The Picture may show the exactly problem
I am sorry I can’t upload my picture through Kotlin discuss platform, So to use a hiperlink

How is your build.gradle set up? Looks like you’ve configured the databinding compiler incorrectly. No files from the databinding compiler should ever be copied into your APK.

If in Android offical plugin there are no problem,But the Android Plugin is a Custom Plugin Changed By Alibaba. The main reason is here:

And we can’t change the plugin,what we can do now is that delete one duplicate file by ourself .but the two files are different version,as u say ,It may cause some problem.
I hope you can catch my mind,Thank u!

I’m sorry; I won’t be able to help you if you don’t answer the questions that I ask. How are you configuring databinding in your build.gradle?

just set enabled to true,Thank you for your patient answer!