Documentation for kotlinx.interop.wasm.dom.*

I’m looking for documentation of what the package kotlinx.interop.wasm.dom provides? Maybe I missed something, but found no reference for that.

It is used in the kotlin native examples (especially the html5canvas example), but I cannot find any documentation for it.

Any hint / help appreciated.

Br Stefan

At the moment, there’s no documentation available, but in general we’re trying to follow W3C APIs here.

When I look at the definitions at in the html5canvas example for kotlin native, there lots of definitions like

external public fun knjs_get__Context_lineWidth(arena: Int, index: Int, resultArena: Int): Int

and an “import kotlinx.wasm.jsinterop.*”

When I want to extend the capabilities where to start? Where is e.g. a name like “knjs_get__Context_lineWidth” defined? Looks like magic to me :slight_smile:

Br Stefan

I am starting to play with that, and I would be interested by some guidance as well.