Does it make sense to use Kotlin for hadoop ecosystem libs?


So I’m from python (only) background, my life revolves around simple simple data packages (scikit-learn, pandas etc) which work great with data that can fit inside memory.

I’m exploring options where the data is too big (thus big data) to fit inside memory, and hadoop ecosystem has way too many tools that one can leverage (Spark, Flink, Hive, Presto etc each serving different purposes, not everything has a python package available)

So my question is, I’m eager to try the hadoop based tools (the ones mentioned above) using the Java API but in Kotlin. Can I straight away get into Kotlin without knowing much of Java necessities etc?

My background: can build applications using Python. Familiar with C++ & Java syntax.

P.S: i’m not really a fan of where Scala is headed right now. That’s why I’m exploring whether Kotlin can help me out.

P.P.S trying not to get into writing lots of Java, you can say I’m scared of the way too much boilerplate code.

I’m surprised nobody has asked any hadoop + kotlin related questions here.