Using Kotlin in Apache Spark


I am evaluating Kotin as my next language :slight_smile:

I want to know, any tried of using Kotin in Apache Spark project? Any experience you can share? Will it be very difficult to setup?


Personally no, but it seems a lot of others have given it a spin:✓&q=kotlin+spark&type=Repositories&ref=searchresults

I wrote a blog post on this recently. It works out-of-the-box thankfully. I think a lot more folks would use it with Kotlin if there was documentation on it.

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There’s a nice followup in

However, the github query from @mplatvoet suffers a lot from the fact that there’s a web-dsl project called . So it is a pain to search for kotlin + apache spark solutions. Not sure what motivated them to name their project after one of the most popular java-frameworks…

I was also wondering if there’s a apache-spark-shell available for kotlin?

I use kt in spark SQL, it is a example :

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are you able to provide working spark-submit command line to run your git solution please ?


Just in case anyone is still listening to the thread: