Does Kotlin supports Selenium Automation

Hi Team,
I am beginner for Kotlin and as an Automation expert I just want to confirm that is Selenium automation tool is supported by Kotlin? If Not then which tool is used with Kotlin for automation testing?

Thank you in advance.

You can use any Java-based tool with Kotlin. This includes Selenium.

here is the DSL for Selenium 2.0.
Provide a possibility to write tests in Kotlin builder style

Hi Vickyru

In past days I saw your question and I was given the task of making an article count detailing how to do tests automation with Kotlin and selenium:

Link: Test Automation in Kotlin with Selenium, TestNG and Page Object Model | by Carmelo Buelvas Comas | Medium

I hope it helps you

Hi cbuelvasc,

Thanks for your link and and very use full & detailed explanation.

You can use Balin
Balin is a browser automation library for Kotlin. It’s basically a Selenium-WebDriver wrapper library inspired by Geb.

useful link : GitHub - EPadronU/balin: Balin is an automation library for Kotlin. It's basically a Selenium-WebDriver wrapper inspired by Geb.

Cucumber can be used with Selenium-WebDriver and Kotlin code
Demo for google search kotlin-gradle-templates/cucumber at master · dickensas/kotlin-gradle-templates · GitHub

We use Keb - Kebish . It is a wrapper around Selenium written for Kotlin inspired with Geb. With very good support for PageObjects and Modules (Modules are reusable fragments that can be used across pages) and etc…