Send input to HTML form from Kotlin

I was thinking, and then it sent me on a spree. I started wondering how I would send data from Kotlin to an HTML form. After researching, I discovered nothing. I started going in to “How to send data from JAVA to HTML” and still got no results. So, how would I send data to a HTML form from Kotlin?

I’m not entirely sure if that is what you mean, but if you want to simulate user entering data in an HTML Form, I would suggest this: Selenium. Selenium has drivers for most, if not all, available drivers and Java bindings, therefore it can be used from Kotlin as well.

How does it do it though? I would like to understand it rather than use a framework or whatever we would call this.

According to the documentation Selenium uses browser’s native support for automation, so I guess it depends on which browser you’re using.