Enum reference


Are enumerations broken? I'm trying to reference an enum in a different file, and in the source editor it appears to work fine, but compilation fails with:

Kotlin: Unresolved reference: GET

There seem to be lots of other problems with enums, so I’m wondering if I should even be bothering right now.


Can you show sources? Which versions of the plugin and IDEA are you using?


I'm trying to reduce this down to an easy to reproduce case, but it connected with annotations. I'm trying to include an enum as a parameter to an annotation, and there seem to be some issues. That said, trying to reproduce with a test case is proving difficult.

Inside IDEA, the files are shown as fine, with no errors indicated.

package com.a

enum class Bar {

package com.b

annotation class foo(val method: Bar)

package com.c

foo(Bar.ONE) fun doit() {

That’s the idea, but as I said, when trying to reproduce with a simple case like this, I’m not seeing the error. It’s not an easy one to figure out.


I suspect this has more to do with problem with annotation than enum. If you check on youtrack, you will see plenty of cases in relation to annotation.


Yeah, I started to come to that conclusion as I'm running into other issues with annotations. I guess for now String constants will have to do.


Yes, it's bug of annotations. Can you submit bug to tracker ? Thanks!