JS Enum.values doesn't work


Hi, Enum.values stopped working in Kotlin 2 Javascript compilation. I think with the first or second Kotlin beta. Issue was raised: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-9819 (and https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-10054) Can somebody please have a look? Thanks! Jan


As previously noted (http://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2015/11/the-kotlin-language-1-0-beta-is-here/) JavaScript support is considered experimental in the 1.0 release. We will definitely take a look at this issue after 1.0 is out and we resume work on the JS support.


Thanks, though 2JS compilation is considered experimental it works good enough. I use this particular enum.values feature on many places and it used to work in older M* builds.

Btw I think that in corporate world Kotlin might have it difficult to compete with Java 8 and tons of legacy code written in Java. However with the general move of the frontend development from C# (WPF, WinForms) or Java (Swing) to HTML/JS, all the technologies are kind of on the same start positions. Kotlin with its super toolling support and nice syntax can success here.

Thanks for the hard work on Kotlin


Hi guys!
Just want to add in…
Even though Kotlin2Javascript has been announced as an experimental and it’s support have been toned down recently, I jumped on Kotlin before this - (instead of Typescript which I previously had experience from) in March this year using it as a tool for making advanced javascript UIs. Compiling to Javascript have been working pretty good - and we have come quite far in using it. So I beg you guys, for the sake of us who are compiling to Javascript - do not make any more shortcuts and remove already working Javascript code.

Thanks for making Kotlin!
It’s a pleasure to code with :smile:


Yeah! And of course - good luck with the 1.0 release!


Hi, All!

Sorry for delay!

Enum.values will be deprecated in beta3 (will be released soon) and will be removed later, please use Enum.values() (as before), it should work.

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