Error: java.lang.AssertionError: Rewrite at slice LEAKING_THIS

e: java.lang.AssertionError: Rewrite at slice LEAKING_THIS key: REFERENCE_EXPRESSION 
old value: NonFinalProperty(property=public open val block:
jsonDescripter.ListTag<*>.() -> kotlin.Unit defined in jsonDescripter.ListTag[PropertyDescriptorImpl@37668991],
new value: NonFinalClass(klass=class ListTag, classOrObject=CLASS)@1806695413

The error happened when I compliered two .kt files with ide providing no fatal error
But I didn’t kown why it occured except knowing that it is an AssertionError
Anything related I found is at

But according to that article nothing is helpful except waiting for update

my code is as follows

IDE : IDEA 202.2
idea kotlin plugin version : 1.3.72-release-IJ2020.1-6
kotinlin version :1.4.0

If anyone konw what’s the actual information about the error , please tell me soon :grinning:

I’m a bit confused. Kotlin version 1.4.0 is not released (as far as I know). Are you using the RC build? In that case you might want to also use the RC build for the kotlin plugin. IDEA > tools > kotlin > konfigure kotlin plugin update. You can set the update channel to “Early Access Preview 1.4.x”

If that does not help you should create an issue here:

The discussion you linked leads to an old issue in a 1.0.4 eap release that has been fixed. Maybe it’s a regression error or something new that looks the same. In any case you should link to if you create a new issue.

Kotlin just releas the stable1.4.0 just few days ago
I just updated to find whether the latest release version works
please see the page: :grinning:

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Mmmm… I haven’t seen that one. But I’m guessing the 1.4.0 release not yet finished. Otherwise there would have been an announcement about it. It’s probably still missing the release of a few libraries and tools.
Also for anyone else interested here is the new youtrack issue:

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