Intellij AssertionError


I am currently working on a Kotlin android project in Intellij and I have benough having issues lately with Intellij itself. The project compiles just fine, but the IDE itself is having frequent errors and the syntax highlighting on my Kotlin files is just broken.

The errors vary, the the main one is:
Assertion Error
Requested data for ModuleProductionSourceInfo (module=Module: ‘actionbarsherlock’) not contained in this resolver. The resolver was created for the following jnfos: … (names other libraries)

I also get this one quite a bit:
Exception while collecting Kotlin signature markers
java.lang.AssertionError: Requested data for ModuleProductionSourceInfo(module=Module: ‘qctionbarsherlock’) not contained in this resolver

They are obviously both related, but I’m lost on how to fix them. If it’s not too much trouble, does anyone know what the problem could possibly?

Intellij Community edition 14.13 with Kotlin extension 0.12.200.Idea141.8

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

  • Garrett


The one which states “Exception while collecting Kotlin signature markers” you can pretty much ignore. The other one indicates a serious problem though. It may be related to some irregular project structure but I can’t say for sure. Can you please create a new issue in our tracker and post the whole stacktrace of the first exception. It would be of great help if you share your project (if this is possible).

I don't think it's possible since it's not my project, but a large corporation. I'm just doing research into Kotlin development. I'll look into what you mentioned and see if I can find a fix.


If you identify the source of the problem or find a workaround, please post it here or to our tracker. Sadly I cannot reproduce this bug without an example.

I will, I'm sorry I can't help much more. I may try to recreate it at home sometime this weekend and see if I can get something up that I can share.