Execution failed for task ':linkDebugExecutableMingw'

I just create project with Kotlin/Native, change package name and build. But project not builded with this error: Execution failed for task ‘:linkDebugExecutableMingw’ How fix this?

Maybe specifying entryPoint would help? In the build.gradle file, there is a target section that can be extended with binaries.executable.entryPoint="org.my.package.whatever" . See more details here, in the Configuring binaries. paragraph.

I`m try it. But nothing not changed

Can you share the build.gradle contents? Also, executing Gradle task with --info flag might make things more clear.

My build.gradle:

plugins {
id ‘org.jetbrains.kotlin.multiplatform’ version ‘1.3.61’
repositories {
kotlin {
// For ARM, should be changed to iosArm32 or iosArm64
// For Linux, should be changed to e.g. linuxX64
// For MacOS, should be changed to e.g. macosX64
// For Windows, should be changed to e.g. mingwX64
mingwX64(“mingw”) {
binaries {
executable {
// Change to specify fully qualified name of your application’s entry point:
entryPoint = ‘com.snaulX.Tangara’
// Specify command-line arguments, if necessary:
sourceSets {
// Note: To enable common source sets please comment out ‘kotlin.import.noCommonSourceSets’ property
// in gradle.properties file and re-import your project in IDE.
mingwMain {
mingwTest {

This one seems legit. Does the entry point correspond to your main() location? Or you have a function Tangara there? Also, try to get additional information from the Gradle execution, please.

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I unterstand this today. I just not write name of entrypoint function. Thank you for help I fix it.

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