Fill a Gridview with Adapter in Fragment

Hi everyone,
i am trying to fill a Gridview with an adapter.
The Gridview is contained in a Fragment
Normally it is something that I do well but in the same view, I am trying to adapt the code even following some articles on the net but the gridview does not fill up and I don’t even have an error.
I put a brackpoint in the Adapter (PiecesAdater) function, but I didn’t enter it unlike other views where I use it and enter, so I guess there is something wrong with calling it.
I was thinking that it was the context that is not good but even trying to change it never enters.
This is the code I am using


        //var myNumberAdapter = PiecesAdater(getActivity()!!.getApplicationContext(), listPieces)

        var myAdapter = PiecesAdater(container!!.getContext(), listPieces)
        val view: View =  layoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_pieces_fiche_client, null)
        gv_ListPieces =  view.findViewById<View>( as GridView
    catch (ex: Exception){

inner class PiecesAdater : BaseAdapter {

    var listOfPosts = ArrayList<Piece>()
    var context: Context? = null

    constructor(context: Context, listOfPosts: ArrayList<Piece>) : super() {
        this.context = context
        this.listOfPosts = listOfPosts

    override fun getView(position: Int, convertView: View?, parent: ViewGroup?): View {

        val post = listOfPosts[position]
        var inflator =context!!.getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE) as LayoutInflater
        var myView = inflator.inflate(R.layout.pieces, null)

        myView.txtPieceTitle.text = post.title
        myView.txtPieceData.text =
        return myView



Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you