Firebase or database php


i want ask what is better database use php or fire base
can i transfer database php to fire base
can i make part of app by fire base and anther one by php database
cane i make dating app ( add users profiles use fire base )



What is ‘database php’ and what does it or Firebase have to do with Kotlin?


I guess database php -> PHPMyAdmin -> MySQL…
Depends on what you would like to make.

Firebase is great with Android, but lacks in desktop-support.
Firebase is also a NoSQL-database and MySQL is a relational database.


I assume that by database php you mean MySQL, PostGreSQL or something like that. You can use either of them, Firebase or MySQL but you have to connect it with PHP. Firebase can be manipulated in real-time in cross platform mediums. MySQL is a relational database. To integrate PHP Firebase, you shoudl use this package kreait/firebase-php. This is recommended by Firebase.