Please tell me how to connect mysql with php in kotlin

hi i would like to thanks for kotlin but i still want to know how can i connect mysql with php in kotlin , please i don’t want suggestion i want example with code or vids

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. PHP is a programming language. Kotlin is a different programming language. If you need to connect PHP with MySQL, you don’t use Kotlin for that.

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Thank you for all but exactly how to connect mysql database on android
using kotlin

MySQL does not run on Android. If you are looking to connect to a remote MySQL instance from Android, then this is a bad idea. You MUST NOT directly expose your database on the internet.

You need to write an API (JSON over HTTP/REST is the most popular way to do that at this moment) that the Kotlin app on Android will talk to. Since you mention PHP, I assume you will need to write the API in PHP.

Sorry, no code. Search for the following for plenty of tutorials and examples:

  • php mysql connection
  • php rest api
  • kotlin rest client

You must create a webservice. In the following github link is the example.