Get a reference to a CValue

Hello, I’m trying to implement Kotlin/Native bindings for tree-sitter
and I have a Node class that looks kinda like this:

class Node(internal val self: CValue<TSNode>) {
    val symbol: UShort
        get() = ts_node_symbol(self)

    /* etc. */

    fun edit(/* args */): Unit {
        val edit = cValue<TSInputEdit> {
          /* set fields */
        ts_node_edit(self, edit)
        //           ^ how do I pass a _reference_ to self here?

In the C API, every ts_node_ function uses a TSNode by value,
except for ts_node_edit which takes a reference and modifies the value.

TSSymbol ts_node_symbol(TSNode self);

void ts_node_edit(TSNode *self, const TSInputEdit *edit);

How do I achieve this in Kotlin? Methods like place() and getPointer()
return a reference to a copy and don’t modify the original value.