Kotlin Native calls the Linux C wait() function?

This is of type cvalue

public fun wait(__stat_loc: kotlinx.cinterop.CValue<platform.posix.__WAIT_STATUS>): platform.posix.__pid_t /* = kotlin.Int */ { /* compiled code */ }

this is wait class

public final class wait public constructor(rawPtr: kotlinx.cinterop.NativePtr /* = kotlin.native.internal.NativePtr */) : kotlinx.cinterop.CStructVar {
    public companion object : kotlinx.cinterop.CStructVar.Type {

    public final val __wait_stopped: platform.posix.anonymousStruct21 /* compiled code */

    public final val __wait_terminated: platform.posix.anonymousStruct20 /* compiled code */

    public final var w_status: kotlin.Int /* compiled code */

this is linux C wait() function

       #include <sys/wait.h>

       pid_t wait(int *wstatus);
       pid_t waitpid(pid_t pid, int *wstatus, int options);

       int waitid(idtype_t idtype, id_t id, siginfo_t *infop, int options);
                       /* This is the glibc and POSIX interface; see
                          NOTES for information on the raw system call. */

I don’t know how kotlin native calls the wait () function and gets the child process status code.

i want to know call system() of C/C++,for your question ,i hava no idea,because i am a fledgling