Getting started



Since yesterday I try to get started with kotlin. IMHO the whole process is  improvement-worthy. So I still have no running program, but some suggestions.

  1. If you have a big fat ‘Download’ button on your welcome page ( , it should really lead you directly to the latest downloads. (thanks for adding M3 btw.). Please host the files on your site.
  2. The zip file should unzip to a directory with the same same -> kotlin-xx.xx, so nothing gets accidently overwritten
  3. Please give the bin scripts executable permissions (chmod 0755)
  4. After the Gnu standard a script (like kotlinc-jvm) that operates on a file, should:
      - fail silently if the file is missing
      - takes the last argument as the file (the file has not to be defined with an option, such as -src)
      - show the call signature in the form of : Usage: ./prog [options] file ( and not "Usage: org.jetbrains.jet.cli.jvm.K2JVMCompilerArguments ")
  5. The Getting Started section should not only show a hello world, but also the compilation, and the inovacation of the class file.
  6. It is defacto standard to attach a readme to a release, that describes how to use the program

Kotlin, at least the the command line version, should be better packaged and better documented. I could help with that if you want.





Thanks for offering help, it is very welcome.
The scripts we are using to package everything are here:
Firs, the buildserver runs pre_build and then zip, then builds the IDEA project, and then post_build

This file gets included into the previous

Other stuff can also be found on

Looking forward to your pull-requests! Thanks again.