Gradle issues

I just reinstalled Windows and now Intellisense doesn’t work on KTS scripts anymore. Everything is squiggled red. (for every project)

I’m using a gradle wrapper and this was all working before I reinstalled, but I’m not sure what to jiggle.

It’s a fresh install of IntelliJ, using the bundled JDK. Tried invalidating caches, tried deleting my .gradle project folder and gradle home folder.

Building via gradle works fine, and intellisense for the .kt files works fine, just the gradle .kts files don’t.

Any ideas?

** Update. It’s not just Gradle .kts files that aren’t working, no kts files are working.


I updated to EAP 1.4 and it gave me a better error message - it said java.lang.Object not found, check my module classpath.
So then I changed from the bundled IntelliJ JDK to OpenJDK 14 and now it’s working.