Help me understand Kotlin

I am working my way through the Kotlin tutorials and today I just finished the “RecyclerView” example whereby 10 lines of text are printed on a screen. It can be found here

It was exhausting to say the least, by the end of the tutorial I had to create or edit 8 files, create 5 (or more) classes, override some of these classes and functions, and do things like “this.that.theOtherThis().but.doNotForget.thisToo().becauseEveryThing.needsAdot.orParantheses(butNotAlways)”. I had to edit XML files, and even change things in a thing called “gradle”. Sometimes I have to use “app.” and sometimes “android.”. ALL of this for ONLY 10 lines of text to be displayed on a screen!!!

This do appear to be very counter productive just for a measly 10 lines of text.

That’s because this is an Android tutorial, not a Kotlin tutorial. Android itself is complicated, yes, because it is capable of a lot of things, and Kotlin actually makes it simpler than Java. Kotlin isn’t as complex on its own, however, and I’d suggest that you check out a purely Kotlin tutorial like the Kotlin Koans for example


Thank you for the link.