Help us calibrate our Kotlin static analysis



My name is Marcin, and I’m a CTO of a static analysis company called codebeat. I recently added experimental support for the Kotlin language to have a better story for Android developers.

We have some Kotlin in our codebase, working nicely alongside Java, but I would never call myself a competent Kotlin developer. So I would kindly ask you to help me figure out if we did the right job. codebeat is free for open-source projects and has 14 days trial for private projects, so no strings attached. If you provide good feedback, there’s swag and other niceties.

Thank you in advance,


I gave it a spin, but after a few days, it’s still “analyzing”:


D’oh. We’ve had some issues with our infra provider so this could have gotten lost somewhere. I re-triggered analysis and it finished in like 20 seconds. Your report is ready to be viewed. Sorry for any inconvenience!


How long is it supposed to take?


It gets stuck in “analizing” until a commit is done.


Oh boy… our infra provider had an issue for 3.5h yesterday which left our system in a precarious state. I managed a quick fix but a number of projects got stuck in a limbo in the meantime. This should be fixed now and both projects are now processed.

Depending on the size of the project the analysis should take anywhere from 5 seconds (small libraries) to a few minutes (huge apps). Analyses are queued though so during peak time (eg. when San Francisco comes to work) open source projects can get stuck in the low-pri queue for a few minutes.


Both projects were stuck like for 20 minutes until I made a commit on each, then, they were processed in like 5 minutes or so.


What you saw was a by-product of the infra hiccup where analyses quietly failed. New commits merely triggered new analyzer runs. Once we routed around the infra issue things went just fine and dandy.

BTW we have an open source project dashboard where you can see the analysis for a few hand-picked Kotlin projects.


Is this done w/ Detekt or the Android Studio command line?
Just wondering how comprehensive it is…