Extremely slow in autocompletion & code analysis for Kotlin projects in Intellij IDEA


We have a project on IDEA that consists of a couple med sized Java packages and one very small Kotlin package (5 files). I noticed performance is fine with any Java packages, but it’s 10x slower in autocompletion, code analysis, typing, and compilation for the very small Kotlin package. Autocompletion occasionally was so slow to a point where the popover couldn’t load all the methods and it had to load a couple API incrementally. Every time our developer types a word and wait for autocomplete, it takes about 2-5 seconds for the expected autocomplete to show up. Sometimes autocomplete was too slow to show anything, and we had to cancel the word and retyped it and waited. Same slowness occurs in code analysis. This is significantly impacting my team’s productivity. From our research, it appears this is a well-known long lasting issue. This also happens for our another small project. I was wondering what we can do to fix this? Thanks.

Kotlin plugin is latest, Version: 1.1.3-release-IJ2017.2-2 Intellij is also on latest version, 2017 2.1 (built on July 31 2017)


Please don’t post the question to all the forums you can find access to. One is enough.


Sorry - we didn’t get any response previously and the team was heavily impacted. Will definitely stick with YouTrack going forwards. And thank you for looking into this. Greatly appreciate it! You can go ahead and close this


Would you please tell me the id of related issue in YouTrack?


The root cause of most performance problems reported with Kotlin 1.1.3 is this.