Hosting kotlin web apps on "web hotel" with filebrowser

There is one thing (and only one thing!) that I miss from the PHP world: You can easily host your website by dragging and dropping files to a web hotel, and also easily store data without the files getting reset after a restart.

Does anyone know an easy hosting service for Kotlin where you

  1. Get persistent storage. I don’t want the files to get overwritten when you restart the app. I want to be able to store data in the /resources folder, and keep the data after restart.
  2. Get a file browser, where you can open a file and edit directly in the web browser, maybe even drag-and-drop files from the local file system.

Any service who offers one of or both these? :smile_cat:

For your point 2: It’s an interesting concept. Upload files to a server (or maybe push them through a GIT and the server fetch them) then the server compile them and start the app.
On my side I never heard about that kind of service for compiled language. But it sound not too hard to build on your own server.

For your point 1: You can write it up enough easily and quickly as part of your app.

It sounds like a pretty standard continuous deployment service. I don’t know any existing SaaS solution, but companies often have Jenkins pipelines configured like this.

Deploy on push is supported by Heroku.

How to write up persistent storage? Heroku reloads all the files on restart, which is done after push and each 24 hours.