How can I fix my project?

I am facing a problem in the Android Studio program I have attached a picture showing the error Is anyone suffering from the same problem?

this is the error


Really? You want someone to help you based on this crooked photo? Maybe you should start by respecting people you ask for help?


iam sorry …

Can you make a screenshot?
Press prt scrn-> paste in paint - > save?


That error isn’t something to worry about. It’s just saying that it couldn’t get the most up-to-date stats on what percent of devices support that SDK version. There’s nothing wrong with your project, and the 83.3% it gives should be close enough to the actual statistic.

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sorry thats what i mean

sorry thats what i mean

Seems ike you need a connection to do gradle sync.
That might also be the reason why the stat’s aren’t updated, as @benwoodworth said.