How can I use kannotator in command line?

I want to use kannotator, but it does not work with intellij 13. so I want to use it in command line. Is it possible?

FYI: I uploaded a version of KAnnotator that should work fine with IDEA 13

Thanks !!!

Hello! If you want to use kannotator from command line, it is quite simple. First, build KAnnotatorCli artifact. The jar file will be stored at <project location>/out/artifacts/KAnnotatorCli/

The usage synopsis is:

kannotator <options> <jar files...>

If you launch it without parameters, you will see a quick help message:

$ java -jar kannotator.jar 

  -f --format=<enum>           - output format: jaif or xml [default XML]   -n --nullability=<boolean>   - produce nullability annotations [default false]   -m --mutability=<boolean>   - produce mutability annotations [default false]   -v --verbose=<boolean>           - be verbose and show progress indicator [default false]   -c --one-directory-tree=<boolean> - do not create specific subdirectories for each library [default false]   -o --output-path=<string>   - output path [default annotations/]

Note, that at least one annotations type should be selected.


Suppose you want to infer nullability annotations for libraries extensions.jar and junit-4.10.jar, located in your working directory.

$ java -jar kannotator.jar -v --nullability extensions.jar junit-4.10.jar