Kannotator - does it work?

Hello, I'm using the M4 plugin and a maven-based kotlin project, when I try Analyze -> Infer Nullity, after adding the annotations.jar, it says, "No places found to infer @Nullable/@NotNull". I'd like to run it on jdk 7 and some other libraries in my maven dependencies. How does kannotator work?


Der, I just realized that kannotator isn't included in the plugin, just the annotations for jdk6. Since I'm using jdk7, I don't see any difference.

Where can I download it?

You should see a lot of a difference, because all JDK 6 classes are included into JDK 7.

KAnnotator is not released as a standalone tool yet. If you want to annotate individual Java classes, you can do it manually in the IDE (by pressing Alt+Enter on method declarations).