How do you import a module of a local multiplatform library using Gradle?

Say a have 2 distinct projects:

  • project A: a Kotlin JVM project
  • project B: a Kotlin Multiplatform project (which containts a JVM target as well).

If project B was a normal JVM project I could have added its reference in project A inside settings.gradle.kts with:

project(":project-B").projectDir = File("../prroject-b")

and then inside build.gradle.kts of project A:

dependencies {

How can I do the same with a multiplatform project?

EDIT: with the above setup seems working even with a multiplatform local dependency. Somehow Gradle is able to understand what it needs or it just import everything :laughing:

What you want is called a composite build. It should work for mpp, though I had some troubles with idea recognizing an mpp module though composite.