How do you install Kotlin outside of IntelliJ?


Not using IntelliJ and want to install Kotlin. Not sure how do do it or if I have to build it from github source code.


If you are using a Unix like OS (eg Linux) then use SDK Man. SDK Man takes care of managing the installation of software development tools, including the JDK. With SDK Man installed you would install the Kotlin development tools (current stable version is 1.0.6) through a terminal by running the following:

sdk install kotlin 1.0.6


Thanks, I am on Ubuntu so that worked!


I’m using Linux Mint which uses the same backend as Ubuntu so whatever works in Linux Mint will likely work in Ubuntu and vice versa.

What editor/IDE are you planning to use for Kotlin development? If you prefer a Programmer’s Text Editor then it is recommended that you look at using Atom with the following packages installed:

  • file-icons
  • git-plus
  • language-kotlin
  • language-kotlin-ide
  • linter
  • linter-kotlin
  • script