How do you want IDE feature requests to be handled?


I am wondering how you would like feature requests for IDE improvements to be handled. I guess you already know that IntelliJ’s editing and refactoring support for Java is a little more advanced than it is for Kotlin right now :slight_smile:

Do you want feature requests for things that

  • would be nice to have
  • are present in Java support but absent in Kotlin support
  • are present in Scala support but absent in Kotlin support
    right now or are you going analyze gaps systematically in one of the later releases? I know that every additional issue causes extra work (classification, discussion, finding needles in haystacks) and is only helpful if you got the time to work on it.

So what do you think?


You’re welcome to file issues for any features that you would like to see in the Kotlin IntelliJ plugin. We do not have a goal of providing 100% feature parity between the Kotlin plugin and the features available in IntelliJ for Java, so we don’t really plan to do any systematic analysis of gaps.