Kotlin IDE


Hello, I would like to know if jetbrains would take the initiative to make an IDE for kotlin because it is quite complicated on intellij, thank you in advance :smiley:



What is complicated?

JetBrains has put much effort in integrating Kotlin into IntelliJ, they have done a very great job!

Constructive criticism is the first step to improvement.


What are you talking about ? I just wanted to know if jetbrains was going to do an IDE specifically for kotlin, I do not criticize their work for the jetbrains plugin except that it is a little complicated to take in hand from my point of view


IDEA is the IDE specifically for kotlin. At least for JVM and JS targets. It was mentioned that it lacks native debugger so it probably not best suited for kotlin native. Native it still not released though, so it will probably be changed somehow in the future.

By the way, I do not know any modern IDE that supports one and only one language. All of them are more or less polyglot.


Given that Kotlin development on the JVM relies so much on the Java libraries, I don’t think that an IDE for Kotlin/JVM with no support for Java would be of much use at all.


yah I see, thanks