How to cite kotlin?

I’ve got a strange question. We are preparing a scientific publication where simulation was written in kotlin. I think that it is good for everybody if we not only mention kotlin language but also add a reference to it (a lot of scientific indexing is made by reference search). So my question is how do I cite it? The general idea is to search for scientific publication on the subject and if it does not exist, just give a link to the site. I intend to do just that, but maybe someone have better ideas?

You could check this link to see if there’s anything relevant to the field you’re working in though, as Kotlin is still in its relative infancy, I’d be surprised if there was.

One of the areas that Kotlin Native is said to be targeting is data science and scientific computing so things could change quite quickly. However, if I were you, I think I’d be content for now to just provide a link to the website which will give readers of the paper an idea of the scope and breadth of Kotlin programming if they’re not already familiar with it.

Scientific community has its own rules, most of them are obsolete. Anyway, I think site links won’t be indexed by automatic systems. Anyway, thanks for reply and the link. I think I found what I need: I can give reference to Kotlin in Action book.